Tilt Panel Drafting

Nothing beats a tilt panel shed and here at Draftology we pride ourselves on producing high quality concrete tilt panel drawings to complement our steel packages.

Precast tilt up panels are used as a major construction element for most Commercial Buildings. They are the concrete walls that form the sides of warehouses and industrial units and they are usually cast on the floor on site and lifted into position once cured. When they are manufactured on the floor they have connections cast into them for fixing the steelwork and therefore whoever details the steel and panels need to work closely together to ensure all elements are coordinated accurately.

Although we are primarily a steel detailing company over the past 11 years we have seen the opportunity to provide our valued customers with a combined steel and tilt panel detailing service. The advantage of using us to provide both disciplines is that we use the same 3D model to develop both the steel and tilt panel elements of the structure which has the obvious benefit of reducing the risk of errors due to sharing information between 2 separate companies, both of whom will have different client pressures on them.

Combine the increased accuracy with the ease of dealing with one company rather than two and we see lots of repeat business from developers.

Please see below for examples of some of our work.