Steel Detailing

We are primarily a drafting company that specialises in structural steel workshop details used by fabricators to manufacture all types of steel structures.

Draftology prides itself on producing high quality fabrication and site layout drawings for our clients. We are always open to feedback from clients and try to accommodate clients requests as best as possible.

To achieve accurate, on time drawings we use the Bocad 3D modeling system. Not only does this allow us to provide the workshop details it also produces all of the material lists required to order the materials, bolts etc.

We can detail projects of any size ranging from small sets of stairs to large 20,000m² + portal frame warehouses. No job is too big or too small for us to tackle. Draftology also has the added ability through the use of Bocad for multiple users to work on the same model allowing larger projects to be completed quicker.

We provide our clients with complete drawing packages which include all site layout, assembly, small parts, shafts and cold rolled detail drawings. It also includes material lists, plate DXF and shaft NC1 files if required and a rendered 3D model if the client requires it.

At Draftology we like to be involved in our projects and try to work as closely as possible with the consultants to ensure that all details are resolved before steel makes its way to site.

To download the software for viewing our 3D models please click here

Please see below for some examples of our work.